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REO Single Core FR PVC Insulated Copper Conductor (Unsheathed) Flexible 90meter Cable 16 sq. mm (Multicolor)

HSN: 741300 BRAND: Reo SOLD BY: Sp Control Solution
2 - 15 /Pieces
₹ 14,314.75
16 - 30 /Pieces
₹ 14,281.92

₹ 14,347.58 / Pieces, 2(MoQ)
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8-10 Days
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Material: PVC, No warranty, Flame Retardant cable, 101% copper conductivity, More than 99.95% bare copper conductor, PVC Insulated Copper Conductor, 1100 V Conforming to IS 694.

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REO is a brand from the house of Havells, which was introduced to meet the value conscious consumers, demands of high quality, safe, reliable and durable products. Domestic Sector accounts 30% of total energy consumption in the country REO use copper to manufacture wire & cables with more than 101% conductivity of copper. Having these higher conductivity of conductor our wire/cables certified minimize loss generate thoughout the length of wire which revert in term of 2 to 3% electricity bill saving during application and give protection against voltage fluctuation. REO FR PVC wire use ETP grade annealed copper which is more than 99.95% pure and therefore ensures 101% conductivity (IACS). In commercial and public buildings where regulations are often very strict, it is important to use flame-retardant materials. Flame retardant material is one that is designed to resist the fire and withstand heat. REO FR PVC compound ensures additional safety by restricting the spread of fire even at very high temperature. The FR properties as per IS 694:2010 means extra protection against electric shocks, short-circuit and fires. REO FR PVC Compound ensures additional safety against the fires because of its high Oxygen index and temperature index. Higher the index value, greater the non-combustibility. REO FR PVC wire has minimum oxygen index of 29%.

  • Black

  • 16 mm

  • 20000 grams

  • PVC

  • Reo

  • Cable

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